Drooping of breast tissue after breast augmentation—“ptosis”—can create a very displeasing visual deformity.  Most often the deformity is due to ptosis that pre-existed the augmentation.  Many patients were told they needed a lift but they did not want the scars.  They then received a relatively large implant, and this heavy implant exacerbated the ptosis.  Sometimes large implants alone are enough to cause ptosis.  In other situations, a high-riding implant can cause an upper bulge, and the natural breast tissue will slide off to the bottom of the implant and the nipple will point down.

Some type of breast lift will need to be done if there is too much breast skin or if the nipple is too low.  This does involve scars—but if loose skin or a low nipple is the problem then a lift (mastopexy) is the only solution.  There are various types of lifts with different lengths and scar locations.  Dr. Teitelbaum will discuss the scar options for your situation.

If a pre-existing implant is too high, then the implant and, often, scar tissue are removed surgically.  Then, a new implant is placed a bit lower so that it pushes what was the drooping breast tissue outwards and upwards.

Before and After Drooping Photos

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  1. Capsular Contracture, Drooping

    Ruptured and contracted 30 year-old implants in front of the muscle. She had complete capsulectomy, placement implants behind the muscle, and a donut lift. A full lift would have given a better shape, but she didn't want the scars.

  2. Drooping After Augmentation

    She did not want to have a lift when she had her augmentation. So a big saline implant was used and she drooped even more. She was replaced with a smaller silicone implant and given an anchor scar lift.

  3. Drooping, Capsular Contracture

    The contracture pulled the implants up, and the drooping allowed the tissue to slide off of them. Scar tissue was removed and an anchor lift was done.

  4. Drooping, Wants Smaller

    She wanted smaller and perkier breasts. So the impalnts were removed and replaced with smaller implants, and an anchor scar lift was done. She is only 3 months after surgery, but with time the breasts settled and the scar faded.

  5. Drooping, Implant Removal

    After 15 years, her large implants pulled her breasts down. She no longer wanted large breasts, and didn't mind if they were small so long as they were perkier. The implants and all the scar tissue was removed, and an anchor scar lift was done.

  6. Desires Smaller, Removal, Drooping

    She decided that her impalnts were too large and to have them removed. A one stage lift is sometimes not safe to do at the same time as implant removal when the implants are so large and skin so stretched. Doing a lift would make her fuller and prettier

  7. Rippling, Drooping

    If a loose and thin breast is underfilled, it will ripple. She was changed to silicone, but the real improvement came from doing a lift (scar is just barely visible on the outer breast on the lower right photo.

  8. Drooping

    This woman always had misshapen breasts, and nothing was done at the first operation to try to fix them. They got worse after nursing. She had repositiong of implants along with a lift that didn't just raise the nipples, but also moved them outward.

  9. Capsular Contracture, Drooping

    Capsular contracture can mask the true degree of droopiness. After the scar tissue was removed, the implant filled out the lower breast and it looked more droopy. But the upper bulge went away and the breasts became more attractive.

  10. Drooping (Bottoming Out), Wants Smaller

    This patient has had large implants for years, and already had a lift once. But the heavy implants stretched her again. Now she wants a longer lasting result, so the lift was redone and smaller implants placed.

  11. Rippling, Drooping

    This very thin woman originally had huge implants, which stretched her skin. She already had a lift with smaller implants, but the left was still low and she looked too round. Larger teardrop implants and a redo of the left lift helped her.

  12. Drooping, Wants Smaller Implants

    She "emptied out" after babies and had very large ipmlants placed, which caused her to droop and were always too large. Smaller implants were placed and a lift was done. At 6 months the scars are still very visible, but faded over time.

  13. Wants Smaller, Capsular Contracture, Drooping, Removal

    Her breasts always felt too high and disproportionate. She had several failed attempts at treating capsular contracture. She just wanted to be a perky A or B cup, so the implants were removed and she had a lift. Scars are still red here at 3 months.

  14. Wants Larger, Drooping

    She had high profile implants, which are very round, too narrow for her, and have an abrupt step-off on the top. Larger moderate profile implants fixed those problems. She is droppy but does not want a lift.

  15. Drooping, Wants Smaller, Removal

    This woman gradually gained weight, mostly in her chest. Her breast were too large and pendulous. She wanted them smaller and perkier. After the weight gain, she had adequate tissue of her own, so implants were removed and she had a lift.

  16. Drooping, Lateral Malposition, Wants Larger

    Her implants were too narrow, the left was too far to the side, she was droopy, and she wanted more cleavage. Larger implants were moved towards the center and a donut lift was performed.

  17. Drooping, Wants Smaller, Removal

    This woman went through a series of lift and implant changes, but she kept restretching each time. She realized she had adequate volume of her own, so her implants were removed and the lift redone.

  18. Drooping, Wants Smaller Implants

    She had gained weight in the 23 years sicne her implants were placed. She was starting to get into working out and losing weight, and just wanted them out. The implants were removed and an anchor scar lift was done.