African-American Breast Augmentation

Many African-American patients are understandably worried about their scar from a breast augmentation.  While keloids remain a legitimate concern to thoughtful patients and plastic surgeons, unless a patient has already had keloids, it is far less common than most people realize.

Nonetheless, Dr. Teitelbaum takes particular steps in African-American patients to try to reduce the chances of a poor quality scar.  The incision is made and closed with the greatest care and the incision is hidden under the crease of the breast so that even a bad scar would be concealed from most angles of view.  While some surgeons suggest the armpit or areola scar for African-American women, an unsightly armpit scar is visible whenever wearing clothes that do not cover the armpits.  And poor scars around the areola – the center of the breast- can have a profoundly negative impact on the overall attractiveness of the breast.

And the nipple and armpit incisions have been documented to have higher rates of capsular contracture and of implants not settling into the ideal position.

One of the reasons Dr. Teitelbaum has created this separate photo gallery is that that women wish to see photos of others whose condition is similar to theirs.   And the photos on the internet are overwhelmingly of Caucasian patients.

There is not yet a “trick” to give all patients a perfect scar.  But with good technique, scars are typically rarely noticed.  The overall improvement in breast shape with a breast augmentation nearly always supersedes any issue with scarring.