Natrelle Style 410 Implant

Out of 17,000 patients who received a Natrelle 410 gummy bear breast implant during the clinical trial, one of my patients was selected to be the face of the 410 marketing campaign! She's beautiful and a wonderful model, and her result is a classic example of what this implant can do."Dr. Teitelbaum has used hundreds of Natrelle Style 410 implants with an experience spanning back to 2001, and he now has one of the largest 410 case series in the United States. He wrote the curriculum that is used to qualify doctors to use this implant.. Dr. Teitelbaum was videotaped performing a breast augmentation with a cohesive implant that is used in the training of all American surgeons who wish to use this implant, and two of his own 410 patients were selected as the models for use in 410 of them is currently the face of the 410 marketing campaign!

Dr. Teitelbaum received a patent on a breast implant sizing device that is distributed to 410 surgeons as a tool to help them select the ideal 410 implant shape and size for each of their patients.

His experience and knowledge of this implant is so vast that he was invited to Brazil—the cosmetic surgery capital of the world—to perform a breast augmentation with a 410 that was broadcast by satellite to nearly a thousand surgeons.

The 410 implant was the very first of the highly cohesive anatomically shaped implants that are now commonly referred to as “gummy bear implants,” or just simply, “the gummies.”

They have been used overseas since 1993 and have produced wonderful results. There are 12 shapes of the 410 implant for a given volume, enabling the surgeon to select a very specific shape for each patient.

With experience using nearly every shape of the 410 in almost every clinical situation, Dr. Teitelbaum can advise each patient about the suitability of this implant for them.

Dr. Teitelbaum is one of the only American surgeons to have used the 410, CPG, and Silimed/Sientra implants. He has followed his patients annually since the beginning of the study, witnessing any changes that occurred over the decade of follow-up. This scope and breadth of experience makes Dr. Teitelbaum one of the true experts on the gummy bear breast implants in the United States.

Before and After 410 Implant Photos

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  1. donut aug 3, 410 aug lift 11

  2. Augmentatlon #7

  3. 410 Augmentation with Lift, Tuberous Deformity

    She has mild tuberous breasts with asymmetry. Donut lifts adn implants improved her appearance. Yet she has a modest double bubble on each side. That is because her breasts were high and tight on the bottom. This cannot be fixed in her.

  4. Wants Larger

    She wanted more cleavage, but she didn't want her breast to look round. Her round implants were removed and were placed with larger teardrop shaped impalnts. Note the increase in her cleavage and the overall less round appearance. Subtle, but real.

  5. Rippling, Drooping

    This very thin woman originally had huge implants, which stretched her skin. She already had a lift with smaller implants, but the left was still low and she looked too round. Larger teardrop implants and a redo of the left lift helped her.

  6. 410 Augmentation with Donut Lift, Tuberous Deformity

    Large areolas, a constricted lower pole, and overly projecting breasts characteristic of a tuberous deformity. A donut lift reduced projection and the anatomic implant fixed the shape and gave adequate volume.

  7. Capsular Contracture

    This patient had capsular contracture. Because she wanted a very smooth transition of her upper breast, and because she was so thin that any implant fold would be felt, she was treated with a highly cohesive anatomic implant.

  8. Inferior Malposition, Wants Larger

    Her saline implants were low, which left her with very little fill of the upper breast. she also wanted them to be a bit fuller and larger. She wanted the smooth upper pole of the 410 breast implant.

  9. Wants Larger, Rippling

    She had high profile silicone implants in front of the muscle which were too small for her. Going behind the muscle with a larger anatomic implant gave her a much more attractive shape and eliminated her rippling.

  10. Close-up 410 Augmentation with Donut Lift, Tuberous Deformity

    The donut lift reshaped the pointy areola into a flat and normal areola. The shaped gummy bear implant expanded the tight lower breast while creating a beautiful upper slope, transitioning into the non breast area beneath the collar bone.