With Facelift

While eyelid surgery is most frequently performed on its own, it is often done together with a facelift.  There are many people who could benefit from a facelift but obviously prefer to focus only on their eyes.  But when someone is having a facelift, it is important to take the eyes into consideration as they have such a profound effect on the appearance of the face.  Facelift results are so significant that it is important to make sure that the eyelids are dovetailed with the rest of the face.  And a simultaneous upper and/or lower blepharoplasty does not add to the length of recovery of a facelift, so these procedures compliment one another nicely.

If a facelift patient needs an eyelift but forgoes one, the result will look off but, interestingly, the opposite is not true.  If someone does not want to have a facelift, then a significant, natural, and beautiful improvement can be made operating on the eyelids alone.