Upper Eyes

The most frequently requested facial surgery is an upper eye lift, also known as an upper blepharoplasty.   Since so much of our beauty comes from the eyes, a blepharoplasty is one of the most powerful means to make appropriate men and women look substantially better.  Just as important is that much of our personality is conveyed through our eyes.  Blepharoplasty does not just make people look prettier, but it helps them convey a much more youthful and vital energy.

An excess of upper eyelid skin can affect patients both cosmetically and functionally.  At its most basic level, extra eyelid skin can make people look older.  It can become difficult to apply mascara.  The hooding will make the eyes look more tired and less attractive.  Many people subconsciously raise their eyebrows to elevate eyelid skin hanging on to their eyelashes, and this can lead to prominent horizontal forehead lines.

And there can be functional problems.  Skin that overhangs the eyelashes can interfere with vision.  Since it takes effort to hold the eyes open when there is extra skin, some people will find it too fatiguing to read at night.

The good news is that an upper blepharoplasty is extremely effective at solving these problems.  It can be done under local or general anesthesia with relatively insignificant discomfort and a short recovery period.

Upper eyelid lift surgery is frequently done as a solitary procedure, but it is often combined with other facial surgery.  This is a problem that affects men and women equally.

There is a temptation by some patients and surgeons to remove as much skin and fat from the upper eyelids as possible, but this can lead to “the surgical look,” with hollowed out eyes and lids that are not in balance with the remainder of the face. Dr. Teitelbaum brings a high level of aesthetic sensibilities and technical expertise to his eyelid surgery.

What is perhaps most wonderful about upper eyelid lifts is that the scars are typically inconspicuous and the result does not look at all “surgical.”  People just look better.

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