Avoid the Surgical Look

Dr. Teitelbaum is renown for creating beautiful, natural results that do not look, fake, pulled, obvious, or “done.” His artistic taste and technique will give you outstanding results without telltale signs of plastic surgery.

Dr. Steven Teitelbaum

With his superlative training and international reputation, Los Angeles plastic surgeon, Dr. Teitelbaum is frequently called upon in his capacity as teacher and researcher. Nevertheless, he takes pride in personally performing every procedure. Dr. Teitelbaum does not allow residents, fellows, or other doctors to perform your surgery.

Out-of-Town and International Patients

Dr. Teitelbaum regularly treats patients who have traveled the globe to see him. Out-of-town patients benefit from the wonderful recovery center adjacent to the office, enjoy the beach, and feel freedom from all the distractions of home. Dr. Teitelbaum’s office can be the destination for your plastic surgery needs in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Southern California.

The Newest Proven Techniques. No Gimmicks, Fads, or Frauds.

Dr. Teitelbaum is at the vanguard of his field and offers patients the newest proven techniques. This also means that in addition to the latest proven advances he will protect you from fads, gimmicks, and hyped procedures that may be useless or even harmful.

State of the Art Breast Augmentation

Newer implants. Meticulous implant selection. More precise surgery. Better, faster recovery.

Dr. Teitelbaum both practices the dramatic advances of the
last decade in breast surgery AND teaches them to other
surgeons. You will see his expertise right away with
your recovery and then with your beautiful results.

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Dr. Teitelbaum
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