December 12, 2014

Blame it on Someone

It is clear since the beginning of recorded history that both men and women have strived to look younger and more beautiful. But people think they are being intellectual when they blame it on the press.

This September 2014 article from the UK Daily Mail talks about young models and airbrushing: 

How women aged 35 to 49 worry most about looks: Low self-esteem blamed on magazine airbrushing and plastic surgery

The problem is magazines don’t sell if the covers don’t look a certain way.  When the public votes with their wallets the magazines will change. But as much as young models are an unrealistic goal for all but the young, their looks are genuine. 

If there is a culprit – and I don’t really think there is one – it would be the retouching. No one is absolutely blemish free. Waists are artificially narrowed. Eye color enhanced.  Normal wrinkles removed. All of these create a look that is unattainable – even with plastic surgery.