Before & After Photos

Dr. Teitelbaum has assembled a large number of photographs of patients who have had liposuction.  These photographs demonstrate a wide range of patient bodies, goals, and areas of liposuction.  Since every liposuction case is unique, you should focus on your overall impression of Dr. Teitelbaum’s liposuction results.

Remember that liposuction is a three-dimensional procedure.  That means that the improvement cannot be entirely appreciated by one view; it would be best to look at all the views and try to reconstruct the whole area in your mind’s eye.

In fact, sometimes a better liposuction result is less obvious on a photograph than an inferior result.  Ideally, a treated area should blend imperceptibly into the surrounding area.  Just “taking off the top” of a bump will make that stand out in a photograph more than if the entire area is nicely sculpted.

Before and After Liposuction Photos

Large Images

Large Images, good for fullscreen view
  1. mommy makeover 22, lipo 25

  2. mommy makeover 22, cohesive aug 25