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At a lecture on tummy tucks at a meeting of the largest group of plastic surgeons in the world, Dr. Teitelbaum pointed out that many of the tummy tuck photos in even published articles were deceptive.  Many patients were posed with their arms at their sides before surgery, and outstretched above their head after surgery, which exaggerated the amount of improvement.  Photos were usually only shown of patients standing.  That fails to demonstrate the extent of the problem because so much changes when a patient sits or bends over.  And differences in undergarments before and after surgery can conceal or distort the extent of the problem or solution.

To honestly evaluate the full extent of the problem and the solution, Dr. Teitelbuam poses his patients standing, sitting, and bending over.  They always wear the same underwear for the photos.  Lighting and poses are standardized.

There are two very important points to understand before looking at tummy tuck before and after photos.  The first is that tummy tuck patients represent a very wide variety of body sizes and shapes.  Therefore, a result should always be evaluated relative to how a patient looked before surgery.

The other issue is the difficulty a surgeon faces when selecting photos for the website.  These pages could be filled with thin patients with almost invisible scars, but to do so would be misleading.  Some patients will end up with wider or darker scars, depending on the elasticity and darkness of their skin, and biological factors that scientists have not yet defined.  And obviously, body types cover a spectrum.  So one should not be lulled into having a tummy tuck by looking at the photos of the best scar; and, by the same token, no one should be necessarily deterred by looking at the worst scars.  These photos are offered comprehensively, so that you can begin to develop a realistic expectation of what results can be achieved.

More than anything else, these photos demonstrate the extraordinary breadth and depth of Dr. Teitelbaum’s experience performing abdominoplasties.

Before and After Tummy Tuck Photos

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  2. Mommy Makeover - Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift

    She was happy with her breast size; she only wanted them higher and tighter. She also had a tummy tuck to flatten her stomach. Photo is at 6 months and the scars will fade.