Common Questions

Tummy Tuck Common Questions

What is the difference between a regular tummy tuck and a mini tuck?

Different surgeons use these terms in varying manners.  A regular tummy tuck implies a scar around the belly button, a tightening of the muscles, and a wide scar.  A mini tummy tuck implies either a shorter scar, and/or not making an incision around the belly button, and/or not tightening the muscles.  More aggressive liposuction is typically also part of a mini tummy tuck.n`p� ortant thing to look out for is any sign of a blood clot.  Calf pain, swelling of one leg, and shortness of breath are all extremely serious signs and you should be seen immediately if any of these occur.  Shortness of breath mandates an immediate call to 911.

Will my belly button look normal after a tummy tuck?

With a mini tummy tuck there is no scar around the belly button. When there is a scar around the belly button, there are times in which it looks inconspicuous and there are times that it is obvious.  Honest plastic surgeons will tell all patients that the way the belly button heals is inconsistent.  While there is a planning and a technical component to the scarring around the belly button, the biggest determinant is healing characteristics that are as yet not well understood.  Many abdominoplasty patients of Dr. Teitelbaum’s have a small umbilical hernia which leads to a significant bulge within the belly button, sometimes so bad that the belly button looks like an “outie.”  He can fix this with the tummy tuck and in these cases the belly button can look even better after surgery than it did before. 

Where is the incision made for the tummy tuck?

The incision is in a gentle arc just within the panty line.  Dr. Teitelbaum asks patients to bring in underwear or a two-piece bathing suit bottom for him to use to plan the incision at the level the patient wants.  The width is determined by where the laxity is.  Patients pressure plastic surgeons to limit the width of the scars. But if you sit straight up and look down, it becomes apparent that skin will only be tightened for as wide as the scar is.  An incision is typically made around the belly button with a full tummy tuck, but it is usually not done with a mini-tummy tucks.