Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck is ideal for patients who do not have much extra skin or do not need their muscles to be tightened.

A mini tummy tuck is not one specific procedure.  The best way to think about it is to remove the parts of a full tummy tuck that a patient does not need: Is the skin excess mild and only central?—Then use just a narrow incision.  Are the muscles fused in the center?—Then they do not need to be sewn together.  Is the skin above the belly button free from laxity and stretch marks?—Then there is no need to make a scar around the belly button.  Is the problem just a depressed C-Section scar, perhaps with a little roll above it?—Then the patient just needs to have a scar revision.

There is no single and simple definition of a tummy tuck. This is because a good surgeon is adept at defining the underlying problem and proposing a surgery that addresses those issues.


Different surgeons use these terms in varying manners.  A regular tummy tuck implies a scar around the belly button, a tightening of the muscles, and a wide scar.  A mini tummy tuck implies either a shorter scar, and/or not making an incision around the belly button, and/or not tightening the muscles.  More aggressive liposuction is typically also part of a mini tummy tuck.

There are times when a full tummy tuck is indicated but a patient wants to forgo some aspect of it, such as not tightening the muscles or limiting the width of the incision.  These choices are obviously the patient’s prerogative.  It is, nevertheless, always the surgeon’s responsibility to discuss what a limited procedure may fail to achieve.

Dr. Teitelbaum has also done many full tummy tucks on patients dissatisfied with mini-tummy tucks done elsewhere.  Sometimes there was a problem with the operation, but more often the result the patient wanted could never have been achieved with the mini procedure in the first place.

The desire to have a shorter scar and an easier recovery is extremely tempting; Dr. Teitelbaum recommends it to every patient for whom it is a reasonable solution given their body type and goals.  However, a narrow scar means that any loose skin beyond the end of the scar doesn’t get tightened. By only having a central scar all tension is placed on the pubic area, which can be distorting.  Furthermore, not as much skin can be removed and tightened with a short scar.  The good news for such patients is that Dr. Teitelbaum is very adept at correcting the problems and giving them a result they can be excited about.

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