Before & After Photos

Some of these “before and after” breast augmentation/lift photographs will show you patients who had their surgery done in one stage; others will show patients who had their augmentation first; and other patients who had their lift first.  The before and after pictures also show a variety of scars and implant types.  Scars are usually excellent in the first several months and reach their reddest and thickest at about six months.  They fade after that and are much better a year from surgery.  The scars continue to fade, flatten, and soften for years after the procedure.  These photographs will show you the appearance of scars at various intervals after surgery.  They also demonstrate Dr. Teitelbaum’s artistic sensibilities and technical proficiency at breast lift/augmentation surgery.

Before and After Augmentation With Lift Photos

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  1. Capsular Contracture, Drooping

    Ruptured and contracted 30 year-old implants in front of the muscle. She had complete capsulectomy, placement implants behind the muscle, and a donut lift. A full lift would have given a better shape, but she didn't want the scars.

  2. Drooping After Augmentation

    She did not want to have a lift when she had her augmentation. So a big saline implant was used and she drooped even more. She was replaced with a smaller silicone implant and given an anchor scar lift.

  3. Drooping, Capsular Contracture

    The contracture pulled the implants up, and the drooping allowed the tissue to slide off of them. Scar tissue was removed and an anchor lift was done.

  4. 410 Augmentation with Lift, Tuberous Deformity

    She has mild tuberous breasts with asymmetry. Donut lifts adn implants improved her appearance. Yet she has a modest double bubble on each side. That is because her breasts were high and tight on the bottom. This cannot be fixed in her.

  5. Augmentation with Lift

    She never had children, but the left breast was always lower than the right. She also wanted her breasts to be larger and fuller. She received implants on both sides and a donut lift on the left to better match the right breast.

  6. Breast Augmentation with Lift

    Her breasts dropped and lost volume after nursing several children. She wanted to be higher, larger, and fuller. She had placement of a modest sized implant together with an anchor scar breast lift.

  7. Tuberous Breast, Asymmetry, Augmentation with Donut Lift

    She has not had children; this is the way her breasts developed at puberty. Note the asymmetry, the large areolas (particularly on the right), and the lack of volume. A breast implant with a donut lift created beautiful results. The scar will fade.

  8. Augmentation with Lift

    This woman said she had "perfect" breasts before children, but that with breastfeeding they stretched, fell, emptied out, and became uneven. A lift with an implant restored gave her back her pre-pregnancy breasts.

  9. 410 Augmentation with Donut Lift, Tuberous Deformity

    Large areolas, a constricted lower pole, and overly projecting breasts characteristic of a tuberous deformity. A donut lift reduced projection and the anatomic implant fixed the shape and gave adequate volume.

  10. Close-up 410 Augmentation with Donut Lift, Tuberous Deformity

    The donut lift reshaped the pointy areola into a flat and normal areola. The shaped gummy bear implant expanded the tight lower breast while creating a beautiful upper slope, transitioning into the non breast area beneath the collar bone.

  11. Drooping, Lateral Malposition, Wants Larger

    Her implants were too narrow, the left was too far to the side, she was droopy, and she wanted more cleavage. Larger implants were moved towards the center and a donut lift was performed.