Some patients decide that they no longer want to have breast implants.  Their decision may be due to weight change; hormonal changes resulting in a breast size change; poor results; multiple and ultimately less-than-successful revision surgeries; cancer scares leading to a desire for removal; or their lifestyle and relationships have changed such that they no longer want them.  Whatever the cause, patients are always anxious about what they will look like without implants but, more often than not, patients who have their implants removed look better afterwards than they anticipated.  In some situations a lift can be necessary.  Because of the highly variable nature of patient tissues and implant sizes, it is unlikely to see any one picture that shows someone exactly like you.  But taken as a group of photos, you may get some idea of the type of results associated with removal.

Before and After Explantation Photos

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  1. Implant Removal

    This patient loved her implants! But she had gained weight since she first put them in, and no longer wanted them. When tissue is good, the results of an explantation are excellent.

  2. Drooping, Implant Removal

    After 15 years, her large implants pulled her breasts down. She no longer wanted large breasts, and didn't mind if they were small so long as they were perkier. The implants and all the scar tissue was removed, and an anchor scar lift was done.

  3. Desires Smaller, Removal, Drooping

    She decided that her impalnts were too large and to have them removed. A one stage lift is sometimes not safe to do at the same time as implant removal when the implants are so large and skin so stretched. Doing a lift would make her fuller and prettier

  4. Removal, Wants Smaller, Droopy

    When she first had implants, she liked being large, but with teen daughters she wanted to "just have a little something." At first she wanted smaller implants, but she had enough tissue to have them removed with a lift. Scars still red at 6 mos.

  5. Implant Removal, Rippling

    Her muscle was damaged at her first operation, so she kept having rippling and distortion after multiple attempts to fix. Strattice could have helped, but she just wanted to stop spending money on her breasts and put it behind her.

  6. Wants Smaller, Removal

    She acknowledged that her implanted breasts were pretty. But she started doing triathlons and wanted to just be as thin as possible. Her breasts ended up small but with a very cute shape.

  7. Implant Removal

    She never liked the upper bulge, and though that could be fixed, she decided she no longer wanted implants. Her breasts are small, but they are absolutely beautiful. Explantations often look better than expected if tissues are good.

  8. Wants Smaller, Capsular Contracture, Drooping, Removal

    Her breasts always felt too high and disproportionate. She had several failed attempts at treating capsular contracture. She just wanted to be a perky A or B cup, so the implants were removed and she had a lift. Scars are still red here at 3 months.

  9. Desires Smaller, Removal

    This patient was a D and wanted smaller implants to be a B. But she had enough of her own tissue to be a B with the implants removed.

  10. Drooping, Wants Smaller, Removal

    This woman gradually gained weight, mostly in her chest. Her breast were too large and pendulous. She wanted them smaller and perkier. After the weight gain, she had adequate tissue of her own, so implants were removed and she had a lift.

  11. Drooping, Wants Smaller, Removal

    This woman went through a series of lift and implant changes, but she kept restretching each time. She realized she had adequate volume of her own, so her implants were removed and the lift redone.

  12. Implant Removal

    She always felt her implants looked and felt unnatural. While switching to a smaller silicone implant could have solved those problems, she was very happy to no longer have to deal with implants. Her tissue quality was good so she had a nice outcome.

  13. Drooping, Wants Smaller Implants

    She had gained weight in the 23 years sicne her implants were placed. She was starting to get into working out and losing weight, and just wanted them out. The implants were removed and an anchor scar lift was done.