Breast Implant Problems

The best time to get your desired breasts is at your very first breast augmentation surgery. The next best time is at the first revision.  With each subsequent revision of your breast augmentation surgery, it becomes less likely that a perfect outcome is achievable.

Dr. Teitelbaum regularly fixes the most difficult of all breast augmentation problems, many of which other plastic surgeons tried unsuccessfully to repair if they were even willing to try at all. Dr. Teitelbaum has been referred to as “the breast revision expert," and he has published articles as well as book chapters on this subject. Dr. Teitelbaum was the very first surgeon to create a classification system to evaluate the complexity and treatment options for correcting horrible breast deformities.

Dr. Teitelbaum is an expert in doing breast augmentation revision—from simple saline implant deflation to the most complex cases that simultaneously involve malposition, capsular contracture, implant rupture, and droopiness. 

VIDEO: How do I know if I need Breast Implant Revision Surgery?