Lifting Tuberous Breasts

Just as some breasts form into a droopy shape, some breasts form into a pointy shape.  Even though the procedures to address these situations are different, they are both called lifts.

When a breast is droopy and flat, the procedure makes the breast more projecting.  However, when the breast is too pointy, the procedure is to make the breast less projecting and more round.

Sometimes both breasts are tuberous, and in those cases there is usually some degree of asymmetry.  For some patients one breast is tuberous and the other one is droopy.  This is a common situation but requires a very high level of care and understanding in order to create a beautiful breast shape and the maximum degree of symmetry.

A tuberous breast is classically described as having three components: a narrow base, an areola disproportionately wide for the breast, and “herniation” of breast tissue into the areola, making the areola puffy.  Tuberous breasts can be barely malformed or severely disfigured.  The good news is that substantial improvement can usually be made.


Before and After Tuberous Breast Photos

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