Before & After Photos

This extensive gallery of “before and after” photos of breast reduction demonstrates Dr. Teitelbaum’s expertise and artistic sensibilities in breast reduction surgery.  You will see a wide variety of incisions and breast types.  No two breast reduction patients look exactly alike, so with breast reduction it is necessary to look at a wide range of “before and afters” to familiarize yourself with an individual doctor’s approach to breast reduction.

You will also see that scars range from nearly invisible to obvious.  Scars also vary in appearance based upon the time since surgery, fading gradually over time.  Note how the patient’s original shape and skin quality can determine the final appearance.  And if you are considering scarless breast reduction by liposuction, look at the preoperative photographs with an honest eye as to whether your breasts look similar to the before pictures in that section.

As with all of his clinical photography, Dr. Teitelbaum is very careful to line up all of his images so that you can appreciate the changes that actually occurred from the surgery without being distracted by differences in photographic technique.

MEN: click here for male breast reduction before and after photos.

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Before and After Reduction Photos

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  2. masto 14

  3. Breast Reduction

    Imagine how heavy and uncomfortable these breasts were. The uneveness made it difficult to select a bra. Her lift not only made her more comfortable and youthful, but look at the change of position of the bottom of her breasts on her tummy.

  4. Breast Reduction

    This is a classic breast reduction patient: breasts are disproportionate to her body, they are painful and heavy, and she has neck and shoulder pain. The reduction didn't just make the breasts smaller, but it made them prettier and improved her physique.

  5. Scarless Breast Reduction by Liposuction

    Liposuction can only remove fat, and not the glandular breast tissue. Since her breasts were mostly made up of fat, she had a very big change. Note that her asymmetry was also corrected.

  6. Breast Reduction

    This woman's breasts always gave her so much discomfort that she could never exercise as she wanted, and always made her look heavier than she really was. She wanted to be small. The reduction made her look thinner, but it also enabled her to lose weight

  7. Scarless Breast Reduction by Liposuction

    Liposuction breast reduction just removes volume. It does not lift nor change the position of the nipples. Her nipples are still pointing down after the surgery, but for her that was not enough of a reason to justify the scars of a standard reduction.

  8. Breast Reduction

    Her breasts were so large that no clothes that fit on the bottom fit on the top. She disliked that the right was larger and droopier. The breast reduction gave her breasts a more beautiful, lithe, and even appearance.

  9. Scarless Breast Reduction by Liposuction

    This patient is really a better candidate for a standard reduction, because she would probably feel more comfortable with smaller breasts than lipo could achieve, and she is still drooopy. Yet she is happy, and a lift can always be done later.

  10. Breast Reduction

    This woman wanted her breasts to be smaller, rounder, and firm. A breast reduction does not just lift the breasts, but it enables the breasts to be shaped according to the patient's wishes.

  11. Scarless Breast Reduction by Liposuction

    She is ideal for liposuction reduction because her breasts are high and very firm. The scars of a standard lift could make her a bit less droopy, but she is prettier like this without the scars and lipo reduced her breasts enough to make her comfortable.

  12. Scarless Breast Reduction by Liposuction

    Liposuction reduction made her breasts significantly lighter with an easy recovery. A standard lift could have made her higher and perkier, but this was exactly the result she was hoping for.

  13. Breast Reduction

    She loved running but her breasts were so large she had to stop. She just wanted to be athletic again, but since she had been full-breasted her whole life, she still wanted to maintain a feminine shape with a good amount of volume.

  14. Scarless Breast Reduction by Liposuction

    Liposuction made her go from a DD to a D. She would have prefered to be a C, but her total breast weight was reduced enough to satisfy her, and the price of the scars was too much to try to go smaller.

  15. Scarless Breast Reduction by Liposuction

    At first the result is hard to see, but if you combine all three results in your mind's eye it is clear that she has a notable reduction in volume. She was far too good to have the scars of a standard lift, but they were too heavy for her.

  16. Breast Reduction

    Her breasts were heavy, pendulous, and rubbed against her arms. She had neck and shoulder pain. After reduction with anchor scar, her symptoms were relieved. Scars are still red in this photo at three months post op.