Breast Augmentation

More American women have breast augmentation than any other plastic surgery operation. And given what Dr. Teitelbaum's patients tell him, the number could be even higher.

In the following pages you will see how and why Dr. Teitelbaum can create such beautiful breasts and help his patients to have a higher level of confidence in their bodies. From work outfits to evening wear to swimsuits and lingerie, clothes will fit better, their figures will be more balanced, and their breasts more attractive.

It is always very important that a patient select a surgeon who has a similar innate aesthetic to their own. If you want breasts that have a bulge on the top and look like a grapefruit, then Dr. Teitelbaum would not be your best choice. But if you want to have breasts that will be gorgeous either in exercise clothes or undressed, then read on and explore our breast augmentation before and after photos to learn more about Dr. Teitelbaum's expertise and approach to breast augmentation.

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What is Dr. Teitelbaum's Approach to Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Dr. Teitelbaum’s approach to breast augmentation is the result of years of study, teaching, and practice. His training in surgery began at Harvard, which ingrained a deep sense of prioritization of health, risk, and being an excellent doctor.

He also was trained to have an exacting surgical technique, which gives him the faculties to accomplish his highly refined aesthetic sensibilities, which in turn are based on his passion for art. As such, Dr. Teitelbaum’s philosophy involves creating breasts that are natural and simply beautiful. 

Dr. Teitelbaum has taught and written on about every aspect of breast augmentation. As an articulate teacher, researcher, and practitioner, a consultation with him is an unparalleled educational experience for his patients.  Read more...

Beautiful, Proportional, Natural Results

Patients travel to Los Angeles to have Dr. Teitelbaum perform their breast augmentation because of his outstanding reputation and the recommendations of satisfied friends.

Dr. Teitelbaum’s highest priority is creating results that last, leaving a woman’s tissues undamaged so that her breasts remain attractive for decades. As a surgeon who sees many women for revision of earlier breast augmentations, he is particularly sensitive about avoiding the surgical decisions that can lead women to long-term complications.

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Some of the patients who see Dr. Teitelbaum for breast augmentation have thought about it for many years but put it off because they were convinced that they would not receive natural-looking results. Dr. Teitelbaum always points out that breast augmentation—and, to an extent, many plastic surgery procedures—have a tainted reputation because the results we are accustomed to noticing are, by definition, results that are not finessed, subtle, and beautiful.

So it is with great precision, training, and attention to detail that Dr. Teitelbaum’s breast augmentation patients just look beautiful and proportional, with nothing obvious or unnatural about their appearance.

One Day Recovery - How to Recover Faster After Breast Augmentationone day recovery breast augmentation

Dr. Teitelbaum is dismayed by the long and painful recoveries most breast augmentation patients still experience throughout the United States. The best evidence has shown how good techniques can return patients back to normal activities within 24 hours—with no bras, straps, bumps, or other uncomfortable devices or tubes. Dr. Teitelbaum’s attention to detail, pursuit of excellence, and superb patient care mean that he minimizes pain and recovery time as much as possible.

You will not wake up bigger or smaller than you expect because you will understand and participate in every decision made about surgery; and you can rest assured that Dr. Teitelbaum’s priority is to give you a safe and clinically excellent procedure that results in the most gorgeous breasts possible.

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Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

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