With Eyelift

A facelift makes improvements from the cheek down; it treats neither the upper and lower eyelid nor the forehead.

Loose, droopy, or baggy eyelids can make someone look tired or old despite the rest of the face.  When we cry, don’t sleep well, or eat salty food, the eyes can look puffy and unattractive.  Excess upper eyelid skin can interfere with vision, make the person appear stressed or tired, and interfere with the ability to apply mascara.

Sometimes a browlift is of benefit with a facelift and in these cases the eyelids also need to be considered.  Sometimes all three are done at once, and at other times it is better to do either just the browlift or blepharoplasty in concert with the facelift.

There are no rules.  It is only important that each patient discusses and considers these important issues.  Dr. Teitelbaum excels at addressing the eyes and face harmoniously.