Ears (Otoplasty)

Boys seem to have their ears fixed more often than girls because it is more obvious to their parents due to shorter-cropped hair.  Perhaps there are also behavioral/sociological reasons.

There is an increase in otoplasties for both boys and girls in their late teens because at that age some will get a rhinoplasty and the issue of their ears may be discussed.

Young men often will have wished to wear their hair shorter and are simply tired of having their ears dictate what they need to do with their hair.  Some have become habitual baseball cap wearers in an effort to conceal their ears and they want to be freed from that.

Others recognize that even a bit of extra prominence of the ears in men can detract significantly from their appearance.

With often little ability to conceal the ears by hair, otoplasty in men can be more demanding than doing the procedure on women.  Their cartilage is often less malleable than women’s, making the shaping process a bit more complicated.

But these issues only make male ear reduction surgery more interesting to Dr. Teitelbaum.  Even best friends don’t consciously notice a good otoplasty.  Nevertheless, the male otoplasty patient will suddenly start getting a burst of compliments about how handsome they look, making otoplasty one of the most gratifying procedures Dr. Teitelbaum does.

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