Operating Room

As an accredited operating room, Dr. Teitelbaum’s private operating room is outfitted to exacting standards, which includes regular inspections. Recent large studies have demonstrated that procedures done at accredited operating rooms produce better results than those done at hospitals.

Dr. Teitelbaum only uses these exacting accreditation requirements as a starting point. He directs his operating room supervisor and anesthesiologist to exceed the standards without regard to cost in order to attain the highest level of safety and quality.

Anesthetic medicines are selected entirely on a basis of their superiority. Patients go to sleep gently and then wake up smoothly and quickly, with nausea almost totally unheard of—even in patients who had previously suffered from anesthetic-induced nausea. Dr. Teitelbaum’s operating room even includes a device used to assure that patients are fully asleep at all times during an operation.

No detail is too small. Dr. Teitelbaum insists on only using equipment, instruments, and sutures of the highest caliber.

While Dr. Teitelbaum, his anesthesiologist, and nursing staff have backgrounds in treating severe medical cases, their patients find comfort knowing that this operating room is dedicated solely to treating plastic surgery patients just like them.

The entire operating room team cares about each patient. They help patients feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. They understand that the patient is the priority.