Vicki Koplow

Surgical Coordinator

Vicki has worked in plastic surgery for eighteen years and has scheduled surgery for Dr. Teitelbaum since 2003. She is always busy not just with the many important details of helping patients choose a time for their surgery, but also with coordinating travel and hotel plans for out of town patients and with setting up phone or Skype consultations.

Diane Aranda

Office Coordinator

Diane has thirteen years of plastic surgery office experience and has been with Dr. Teitelbaum since 2010. She has the cheerful voice that most often greets patients when they call on the telephone, and she helps to make appointments and to be sure that patients’ needs are met. She is a gem of a person and her knowledge and ebullience are memorable.

Jackie Watkins RN

OR Manager

Jackie has worked exclusively in plastic surgery for fourteen years and has run Dr. Teitelbaum’s operating room since 2005. She has many years of ICU and OR experience dating before that. She checks patients in the morning of surgery, helps patients in the recovery room, and oversees the daunting task of maintaining the maintenance of OR accreditation.

Dr. Teitelbaum, his anesthesiologist, and nursing staff have backgrounds in critical care, hospital operating rooms, and emergency rooms.  This high level of competence and experience forms the platform upon which their specialization in plastic surgery rests.  Their patients find comfort knowing that this operating room and this staff is dedicated solely to treating plastic surgery patients.